Rockstar said earlier this month that it will no longer provide substantial support for Red Dead Online, instead focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6. Many cowboys were disappointed (to put it kindly), and an in-game funeral was conducted to mourn this loss.

While Rockstar is abandoning its Red Dead Redemption series, modders are not. In fact, a mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 will allow you to play as a completely new character of your own construction, provide you with a new skill tree to populate, and let you to embark on entirely new heists.

I realise I used the word “new” a lot, but it fits the bill. The modding community has taken on a significant task here. The mod in issue is named Life of Crime and was created by CruelMasterMC (via PCGamer).

It all starts with your character (who may be male or female) escaping out of Siska Penitentiary, Red Dead Redemption 2’s highest security prison, before embarking on their new, well, life of crime – see, I told you the name was suitable.

A mansion robbery – which some may recall from CruelMasterMC’s prior iteration of this mod – and a train heist are among the new initiatives. You can also generate money in various ways; the legality is negotiable. After all, this is the Wild West.

“The main goal of the mod is to play as a totally NEW character… NOT as Arthur or John,” CruelMasterMC said.

“While playing the game, you may obtain all of the weapons by purchasing them from a gunsmith or discovering them anywhere on the world, and you can earn additional money by conducting missions and other activities.” Meanwhile, CruelMasterMC has indicated that the mod would receive even more material in the future.

In other news, earlier this month it was discovered that Rockstar had previously planned to remaster both Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4. However, the backlash it got following the release of the GTA trilogy last year prompted the corporation to put these plans on hold.

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