Rashid Naseem, who has set the most Guinness World Records for Pakistan, has set two more records in the martial arts category.

Rashid Naseem has broken the records of India and China while he has once again defeated the Chinese Kung Fu Master in the Nintendo category.

In addition, Rashid Naseem has broken the record of opening a bottle with the head of an Indian martial arts master.

Thus, the number of records for Master of Martial Arts has become 77 while his academy has so far set 96 records.

Rashid Naseem still holds the honor of making the highest record in the world in various categories of Nintendo and this is his 9th Guinness World Record in Nintendo.

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Guinness World Records has confirmed this via email and has also released the details on its website.

Rashid Naseem, who holds the world record for most martial arts, also set a record to pay tribute to Pakistan’s famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

He broke the previous record held by Chinese kung fu master Zi Dashing, who in a minute pulled out 19 card cards placed in the middle of the bottle with the help of a nun chukki without dropping the bottle.

While Rashid Naseem performed this feat 22 times with the best performance and in the second record Rashid Naseem opened 71 bottles in one minute with his head.

Earlier, the record was held by India’s Prabhakar Reddy who opened 68 bottles in one minute.

Rashid Naseem wants to complete his 100 records and it is worth mentioning here that Rashid Naseem has not got any government patronage till now. He has made all these records with his help.

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