PTA fined Jazz and Telenor

PTA fined Jazz and Telenor $60 million .
Will the operators pay $60 million fine.
Will the matter be taken to court again?

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA has directed Jazz and Telenor to pay $60 million dollars as extra fee due to delay in renewal of license. PTA has directed Jazz and Telenor Pakistan to pay the said dues within seven days from the date of receipt of notice. And if Jazz and Telenor Pakistan do not comply with the PTA order, the two operators will be prosecuted according to law.

Both operators Jazz and Telenor Pakistan’s cellular licenses issued by PTA were due to expire in 2019. The PTA has now set a $449 million renewal fee for these cellular licenses.

A panel comprising PTA Chairman Amir Azeem Bajwa, Member Compliance and Enforcement Dr. Khawaja Siddiqui Khokhar, and Member Finance Muhammad Naveed heard the issue of late payment and issued orders against the two operators.

The first Jazz and Telenor obtained the same cellular license from PTA in 2009 for $291 million. PTA, which was due to expire in 2019, raised its license fee from $291 million to $449 million in 2019.

That is why Jazz and Telenor Pakistan had challenged PTA on the new fee for licenses issued by PTA. He had approached the court to resolve the dispute.

In the end, the PTA won the case. As the case for a new license fee was pending in court during this process, the license renewal fee will be paid in December 2021.

So now PTA says that Jazz and Telenor Pakistan have paid the fee for renewal of their license late so you two operators together have to pay $60 million for the delay of the fee.

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