PTA asks YouTube to Unblock Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Channel, The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has maintained contact with YouTube, requesting that the channel of Islamic researcher Dr. Israr Ahmed be restored.

PTA officials confirm that they sent a letter to YouTube’s organization requesting that the video-sharing platform open Dr. Israr Ahmed’s YouTube channel.

According to official sources, the one-sided removal of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s channels, an exceptional Muslim researcher, raises concerns about the inconsistency of internet opportunity’s farthest reaches. On the closed YouTube channel, recordings of Dr. Israr Ahmed talking about Islamist discussion, remembering Quranic lessons, and speeches for the implementation of the Islamic framework in the social and economic spheres were available. According to experts, such videos are solely created for the purpose of instructing onlookers.

According to the PTA’s letter, Dr. Israr Ahmed is a well-known Muslim researcher whose speeches are solely for educational purposes and should not be construed as can’t bear debate.

Following reports of anti-Semitic remarks, YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, has taken down the official web channel of Islamic expert Dr. Israr Ahmed.

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