Xbox users may save hundreds of dollars on Game Pass, although Sony prohibits PlayStation users from doing so. Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus subscriptions are simply another expense to add to Netflix, Disney Plus, and whatever else you forget you signed up for, so we’re all searching for a method to cheat the system.

PS4 and PS5 customers learned that they may save money by stacking PS Now subscriptions ahead of the switch to the new PS Plus. Sony, however, immediately put a stop to that. However, things are a little different on Xbox. There is a solution that has not yet been implemented, and it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Depending on whether you took advantage of the $1 / £1 / AU$1 Xbox Live Gold upgrade or not, there are a few methods to save money. If this doesn’t seem familiar, you’re qualified to save even more money using this approach, so congratulations!

You’ll want to stack up to three Xbox Live Gold subscriptions with any choice. This is the most you can stack at one time. Given that we don’t know how long this loophole will be available, you should max out immediately.

Keep in mind that the redemption period for coupons is likewise limited to 36 months. You won’t be able to redeem a coupon for more than one month, for example, if you’re already at 35 months — thus, for the love of all that is holy, make sure the recurring paying option is turned off if you buy three one-year subscriptions. The function does provide you one free month as a bonus, but it will put a significant wrench in the gears if you have three 12-month vouchers to redeem.

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If you buy in smaller quantities, the free month with recurring billing is a wonderful bonus that you may use to your cap. Members of Microsoft Rewards may also check to see whether they can redeem points for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.

Xbox Live Gold costs $59.99 / £49.99 / AU$89 per year. You’ll spend a maximum of $180 / £150 / AU$267. Microsoft does not offer year subscriptions on its website, although they are available elsewhere. We’ve compiled a list of the best Xbox Live Gold discounts for you.

This means you may possibly save even more money before we get to the magic.

How to get Xbox Game Pass cheap

You’re going to enjoy this if you’ve never had an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription before. Go ahead and redeem your vouchers once you’ve completed all of the appropriate hacks to maximum savings prior to the loophole. Then navigate to the Xbox Live Gold upgrade page.

If you’re a rookie, you can upgrade for as little as $1 / £1 / AU$1. This is true for the length of your subscription. That’s a 1:1 conversion for less than the cost of… well, a lot of things, because the economy is a shambles.

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If you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you may still upgrade all three years of your Xbox Live Gold. Instead, you’ll pay the monthly payment as a one-time fee. It just costs $14.99 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 to upgrade all three years of Xbox Live Gold.

Under normal conditions, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a monthly, rolling membership that costs $180 / £132 / AU$192 for a year. Keep in mind that three years of Xbox Live Gold costs $180 / £150 / AU$267.

This simple method will save you money. Who knows, you might even be able to repurchase avocado toast. The possibilities are endless.

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