Play Call of Duty for free: Call of Duty, is one of the most popular action games in the world and has a great offer for video game enthusiasts around the world. If you love to play smartphone or computer video games, then you must have played the controversial game ‘Call of Duty’ once.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Call of Duty has the distinction of being the best-selling first-person shooting game. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that the game, which was introduced for desktop computers in 2003, still dominates computers, mobile phones, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Call of duty free Play

Players of Call of Duty will have free access to the new game Call of Duty: Vanguard for the next two weeks. Videogame Developer Progressive has announced in its blog that the new game Call of Duty: Multiplayer version of Call of Duty: Vanguard, which will be released, can be enjoyed for free for two weeks.

Players can play the game for free from March 30 to April 13. During this time players will be given access to multi-player maps Casa Blanca, Gondola, and Modes. One of the free-access maps includes a large map in the Alps ObjectMode.

This new and larger map will also include shopping malls. From where players will be able to purchase weapons, equipment, killstreaks, field upgrades, and custom load-outs.

The Call of Duty also recently announced that Snoop Dogg will be available for players as special operators in its Vanguard, Verizon, and mobile titles.

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