The Astar ecosystem has some exciting news. The Astar-based initiative AstridDAO has formally announced a partnership with Microsoft. This collaboration has far-reaching consequences for the ecology as a whole. Microsoft is committing its resources and technology to AstridDAO, a powerhouse of innovation. The fact that the digital titans are endorsing and guiding the initiative demonstrates that they are paying attention to Astar and the products that are being established on the network.

AstridDAO is a decentralized money market featuring $BAI, a fully backed stablecoin that is hard-pegged to the US Dollar.

AstridDAO has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program. This collaboration promotes business creation and growth by reducing the conventional barriers to entrepreneurship. AstridDAO now has access to technology, coaching, and marketing that rivals and other businesses do not. AstridDAO will get up to $350,000 in perks from Microsoft, including Github Enterprise, Microsoft Teams, and Azure credits. Keep an eye on AstridDAO; the company’s future appears to be bright.

AstridDAO is now supported by one of the most inventive IT businesses in history, thanks to this Microsoft partnership.

A word from the AstridDAO team

“We are ecstatic to be a part of the Microsoft for Startups program!” With the help of Microsoft’s amazing resources, AstridDAO will be able to better serve the community and help BAI become the dominant native stablecoin for the whole Astar and Polkadot ecosystem. – Team AstridDAO”

Take this as a message to start paying attention to Astar and the ecosystem as a whole if you haven’t already. This network has repeatedly demonstrated that it is developing and constructing the blockchain technology of the future. Another evidence that Astar is an ecosystem worth paying attention to is Microsoft’s partnership and involvement in the network.

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