The federal government of Pakistan has decided to cast aside Rs3.33 billion for the improvement and building of sports facilities across the nation in the fiscal year 2022-23. The National Economic Council (NEC) meeting, which really is likely to take place within the next two days, will grant final clearance to the development budget earmarked for sports infrastructure.

The long-awaited completion of the multi-billion Narowal Sports Complex will be up and running with a fresh allocation of Rs400 million for the coming financial year, according to a reliable source.

During the previous government’s mandate, the Rs3 billion project was scrutinized. Now that the PML-N is back in power, the much-anticipated allocation for the project’s completion has been suggested.

Another Rs465 million is scheduled to be authorized for upgrades to the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad’s sports infrastructure. The money comes from a Rs2 billion budget set out for the upgrade of sporting facilities at the complex in preparation for the South Asian Games. Another Rs531 million has been set available for the installation or replacement of hockey turfs in seven cities: Faisalabad, Wah, Quetta, Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Swat, and Peshawar. A total of Rs817 million was sanctioned for these turfs last year.

Almost nine out of the twelve new programs are for Sindh province, with the majority of them aimed toward the region’s interior. A total of Rs1 billion has been set aside to build roughly 250 minor sports centers around the country.

Another Rs250 million has been set aside for the National Games to be held in the coming season. Another Rs100 million would be spent in Karachi to repair and upgrade existing sports facilities. The project would cost Rs401 in total.

Another Rs125 million would be spent on the installation of a synthetic track in Karachi, as well as the refurbishment of the football pitch and sprinkling system. The project’s entire cost is estimated to be approximately Rs350 million. The PSB has already been given Rs520 million to set up training camps in preparation for the next SA Games. During the following financial year, another Rs100 million is likely to be granted for the camps.

Last year, a large sum of Rs980 million was suggested in the Public Sector Development Fund (PSDP) over the next two years for athlete training camps, coach hires, and equipment purchases, with a particular focus on the 14th South Asian Games, which Pakistan would host in 2023.

Similarly, the PSDP has set aside Rs225 million for the hire of foreign instructors and the acquisition of equipment for the South Asian Games. In the run-up to the SA Games in April 2023, a total of Rs460 million was set aside last year for the employment of instructors and the procurement of sporting equipment.

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