Pakistan first SUV has been exported, According to the press release, under the new auto policy, all OEMs will be required to begin car exports in order to assist build the local sector and boost the country’s export capabilities. The Changan Oshan X7, the country’s first export car under the new policy, is the first vehicle to be unveiled in a worldwide RHD premiere in March 2022.

Outside of China, Pakistan is the only country that produces the Changan Oshan X7.

“We are happy and proud to lead Pakistan into a new chapter for the car sector and establish its imprint on a global level,” said the company’s CEO Danial Malik in a ceremony in Karachi, according to the press release.


“The Changan Oshan X7 is the first of many more vehicles that will be exported under our goal of staying Future Forward, Forever, and the Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP 2021-26),” he continued.

Changan’s first and only RHD production center is in Pakistan, according to the business, and it is assisting the brand’s global expansion.

The state-of-the-art facility was finished in a record-breaking 13 months and now has the potential to produce 50,000 automobiles per year, according to the company.

“Master Changan is our first RHD manufacturing base, and we are delighted to be able to export our RHD Oshan X7 SUV from Pakistan,” said Steven Zhao, Vice President of Master Changan Motors Limited.

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