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Pakistan is the 37th largest eCommerce market, with a revenue of $5.9 billion in 2021, ahead of Iran and behind Israel.

The Pakistani eCommerce market increased by 45% in 2021, contributing to the global growth rate of 15%. Global eCommerce sales, such as those in Pakistan, are likely to rise in the coming years. Global expansion will continue in the next years as new markets arise. East and Southeast Asia, with their increasing middle classes and lagging offline infrastructure, will drive this development.

Pakistan is expected to beat the world average of 6% with an annual growth rate of 7% between 2021 and 2025.

According to the Statista Digital Market Outlook, the eCommerce market in Pakistan is likely to grow in the coming years. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR 21-25) over the next four years is expected to be 7%. In comparison to the 45% year-over-year increase between 2020 and 2021, this fall in annual growth indicates a relatively populated area. However, internet penetration in Pakistan is 19%, indicating that 19% of the Pakistani population will have purchased at least one thing online by 2021.

e commerce market in pakistan

Epost considers five categories. Fashion is the most important category in Pakistan, accounting for 70% of total eCommerce revenue. It is followed by Electronics & Media (12%), Food & Personal Care (11%), Toys, Hobby & DIY (4%), and Furniture & Appliances (4%).

Top online stores In Pakistan is the largest player in the Pakistani eCommerce market. In 2021, the store’s revenue was $50 million. is followed by and as the second-and third-largest stores, with US$48 million and US$29 million, respectively. In all, the top three shops contribute 2% of Pakistan’s online revenue.

Every store in Pakistan that generates revenue is included in the store rankings. These stores can either have a national focus and only sell in their own country, or they can operate on a worldwide basis. Only revenue generated in Pakistan was included in this evaluation. is one of the fastest-growing online retailers in Pakistan. In 2021, the store’s online net sales were approximately US$1.5 million. Its sales increased by 103% the previous year.

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