Outside call-recording apps are effectively banned by Google’s policy, Starting next month, a new Google policy will essentially outlaw call-recording applications from the Play Store.

Call recording will no longer be allowed using Google’s accessibility APIs, according to the change, which was first noticed by Ars Technica. It’s part of Google’s continuous assault on applications that utilize its accessibility APIs for technical workarounds rather than accessibility.

Call-recording applications are virtually no longer allowed in the Play Store since the accessibility APIs are the only means for third-party apps to record calls on Android. The prohibition is scheduled to go into force on May 11th.

Google claimed in a statement to CNET that its accessibility APIs are meant to enable people with impairments to use its products and applications, not to record phone calls.

Though the policy prohibits call-recording applications from being downloaded through Google’s app store, it does not mean that Android users will be unable to use them. Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android is a free operating system that allows users to download programs from third-party app stores.

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The method, known as sideloading, provides users with additional options, but it also exposes them to possible security and privacy issues, according to numerous security experts.

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