Tiny Magicians has confirmed that their forthcoming survival game, Outbreak Island, will be available on Steam between July and September 2022. The survival game, which also has detective aspects, will be available in Early Access at first. The company also announced that a free prologue will be available shortly, giving users “an opportunity to try the game’s main concepts.”

The game’s description teases, “A mysterious experiment turned the residents of Erlsen Island insane.” “The authorities have sealed the situation and secluded the location from the outside world.” As investigator Howard Chapman, you come on the island undercover to investigate the reason of the catastrophe. There is no turning back.

“The only thing left is to live and explore.” Uncover the evidence, examine what you find, figure out what happened in this enigmatic location, and save your own life.”

Key elements include a camera that you may use for observation, evidence collection, and “distracting the infected,” as well as weapon and equipment construction, weather fluctuations, and clues that require you to “analyze evidence to determine the reasons of the epidemic and locate the perpetrator.” Oh, and there are those pesky “infected” to deal with as well.

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