Will Smith wins first Oscar in 30 years

The ceremony of the Oscar Awards 2022, the most prestigious award in the film world, was held

The stars of the film industry from all over the world attended. The Oscar ceremony was supposed to take place in late February and early March, but due to Corona, it was held at the end of March, hosted by Hollywood actress Regina Hall, including Madonna Wanda Sykes and Amy Schmidt.

Pakistani-born British actor Riz Ahmed wins the first Oscar for his shot live-action film “The Long Goodbye”Last year too, Raz Ahmed was nominated for Best Actor in the film Sound of Metal

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At the ceremony, Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actress in the film King Richard, while Jessica Cheshire won the Best Actress award.

At the world’s largest film festival, a film based on the life of a pianist ran away. Koda won the Oscar for Best Picture.

At the ceremony, the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor went to Troy Kastner, who starred in the film Koda, and the Best Supporting Actress went to West Side Story Ariana Debos.

Koda, based on the story of Ruby, the only girl in a hearing-impaired family, won the Oscar for Best Picture, while Incanto was named Best Animated Film.

The Oscar for Best Director went to Jane Campion for her role in The Power of the Dog.

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