When Two Point Campus launches on August 9th, it will contain free in-game Pride products. The item pack will comprise rainbow-colored things such as carpets, bedding, flags, and more, and it will be available for free on all platforms in perpetuity.

Furthermore, Sega and Two Point Studios will broadcast a Twitch webcast of the game today to raise awareness and cash for Mermaids, a charity that supports transgender adolescents and their families.

The new game will emphasise student relationships, which may be hastened by employing love goods such as the love seat and, hmm, love trumpet.

“Two Point Studios believes in ‘love is love,’ which implies that in Two Point Campus, any student can create a romantic relationship with any other student,” according to a press statement obtained by Eurogamer.

“By meeting all of your students’ social requirements, you may witness friendships and romance flourish with whomever your students choose, resulting in a pleasant and harmonious campus for all to enjoy.”

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