According to a new leak, Nvidia RTX 4090, assuming that’s what the next-generation Lovelace flagship graphics card is named, might be twice as fast as the RTX 3090, if not faster.

This comes from Kopite7kimi, a prominent Twitter leaker who wrote rather cryptically regarding RTX 3090 next-gen performance.

It is fairly simple to obtain 2x RTX 3090 performance. Look forward to more optimization. 11th of May, 2022

Clearly, the idea is that the RTX 4090, the 3090’s replacement, will be at least twice as fast, and possibly faster than that, based on the terminology above – or so we read it. If it’s ‘very straightforward’ to double the performance of the flagship, we might be able to expect more from Nvidia (with ‘additional optimization,’ of course).

Of course, any leak should be treated with caution, especially one as hazy as this.

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Kopite7kimi also recently tweeted that the previously released RTX 4090 specs are still theoretically true, especially since it would require 24GB of GDDR6X video RAM operating at 21Gbps with a power consumption of 600W. Furthermore, the leaker stated that the RTX 4070 will have 12GB of GDDR6 operating at 18Gbps and power consumption of 300W. (again, not new info, save for the speed of the VRAM).

Analysis: Plenty of performance, but at what cost?

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 is twice as fast as the 3090, if not faster, which corresponds to broad statements that have floated down from the rumor mill in the past. Of course, we believe this is referring to rasterization (normal rendering) rather than ray tracing efficiency, but this isn’t specified.

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The cost of such performance is said to be high power consumption, and we cringe to think what type of power supply will be required to securely operate a big GPU that requires 600W (remember, the RTX 3090 guzzles a lot less than that, even though it’s hardly eco-friendly at 350W).

Naturally, anyone considering purchasing an Nvidia flagship will not be short on cash — the things cost a lot in the first place – but the prospect of having to pay for a pricey mega-chunky power supply on top of the GPU is unlikely to be welcomed (neither is the hassle of the PSU upgrade therein).

Especially if AMD’s next-generation RDNA 3 models end up being significantly more power-efficient, as rumor has it, while still giving a significant performance boost (though ray tracing might be a different matter from traditional rasterization in the AMD vs Nvidia frame rate battleground).

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