Meta Company has added a feature on its social media platform Facebook that no one has requested. That is, you can now add music to Facebook comments.

Some Facebook users have seen a pop-up option in the app that says they can now add music and songs to Facebook threads. First, social media app expert Matt Navara revealed this and tweeted about it. That way, you can share your favorite song with your friends in the comments.

Although some analysts have welcomed it to the younger generation, some have said who will have time to listen to music in the comments. But according to analysts, Facebook has taken this method from MySpace 2018, It is also possible that your comments will appear at the top as soon as you add the song because Facebook will value it.

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In addition, musicians and singers will be able to include their creations in the comments and make their art popular. Maybe Facebook wants to make it as popular as GIFs. However, it remains to be seen when this facility will reach all people.

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