The next Forza Motorsport game was officially announced this evening as part of Microsoft and Bethesda’s showcase. We also have an estimate of when it will be heading our way – spring 2023. It will be available on the Xbox Series X/S and PC when it is released. In addition, Forza Motorsport will be accessible on day one as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription program.

Along with the announcement, Dan Greenawalt and Chris Esaki, the game’s director, stopped over for a conversation about their project. It appears to be the most technically sophisticated racing game ever, which is thrilling. We were also briefed about its dynamic time of day feature, weather for each circuit, and raytracing.

This was shown using footage from the fictional Maple Valley circuit.

The twosome also claims a 48x boost in simulation accuracy – but, as Martin has questioned, what does it imply, and how does it feel? I suppose we won’t know for a long.

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