Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition modders have finally fixed a 20-year-old bug that plagued the PC version of the game. Previously, when playing on a PC with a multicore processor (as most modern PCs have), an infamous bug would cause the audio to skip and the game to crash, rendering it all but unplayable.

The Enhanced Edition’s creators have now resolved the issue by implementing a custom streaming audio engine.

The fix is included in the most recent version of The Enhanced Edition, which also includes a slew of new features.

There’s a new launcher for future updates, as well as upscaled FMVs and other tweaks and fixes, all of which are detailed in a new trailer.

The edition’s website also lists features such as “the use of a widescreen camera; high definition resolutions; upscaled fonts and 2D images; PlayStation 2 quality audio, fog, and shadows; restored post-processing effects; improved controller support; and much more.”

All of this, however, requires a copy of the original Silent Hill 2 for PC.

Meanwhile, it’s widely assumed that Bloober Team is hard at work on a remake of the game.

Other fans have been working on an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the first game.

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