This Microsoft Outlook feature is coming soon to Microsoft Teams, Two upgrades for Microsoft Teams are coming shortly, according to a sequence of postings found by Neowin in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The first adds an Outlook function to the program, while the second enhances Together Mode to make it more user-friendly.

Calendar Show is a term that is used to describe a show that takes place The first feature stated in the roadmap should be familiar, just as it is in meetings. It allows you to specify permissions for others to access the free or busy information on your calendar in Outlook, making meeting planning easier. According to the plan, this is also on the way to Teams.

Microsoft said the Teams version of this feature will allow meeting organizers and attendees to pick a Calendar Show As feature such as free, busy, or out of the office to show status for a planned meeting, with general availability set for June 2022. When a user’s calendar is shared, they should be able to choose private meeting functionality, which allows them to conceal meeting data from other users. This only applies to the desktop and Mac applications.

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The second Teams feature, which will be released in May 2022, will make Together Mode available to everyone. This is so that the meeting organizers and speakers can start the meeting in Together Mode for all attendees. It will change Teams such that the meeting leader will no longer have to ask everyone to turn on Together Mode manually.

As always, don’t hold your breath for a specific delivery date in May or June for these features. Microsoft usually takes a long time to push out new Teams’ capabilities to everyone. In any case, we’re confident that the modifications will be welcomed, so let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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