Microsoft is releasing Outlook future, Microsoft Outlook is without a doubt one of the greatest email programs available, especially if your company already utilizes Office and the Microsoft 365 suite.

However, with the recent leak of its next-generation “One Outlook” client, Microsoft has chosen to provide the new email experience to everyone on the Office Insiders Beta Channel.

The Outlook for Windows client upgrade is geared at business and school clients that subscribe to Microsoft 365 or Office 365, and this preview is currently only available to paying subscribers.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft has made a number of modifications and enhancements, including a new look and feel, message reminders, a single view for the calendar, email, and to-do items, and the ability to connect cloud files more quickly.

Of course, this isn’t the final version, which is why it’s only accessible on the Insiders Beta Channel, and a few features, such as multi-account and offline support, are consequently lacking.

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According to the leak, the new Outlook sports some incredibly clean lines and a more simple design language.

The core idea behind One Outlook is to consolidate all of the diverse services into a single location, with the web app acting as the base.

Microsoft dubbed the client Monarch throughout development, and the eventual objective is to have one client that works across all major platforms, from Windows to macOS to the web.

However, many do not appear to be completely sold.

Change is always tough, especially for something as important as an email client, but the reaction to the leak was, to put it mildly, divided.

Many people on social media questioned if a web app, which would most certainly eat a lot of memory, was the right strategy. We’ll get our hands on the update once Microsoft sends it out more broadly.

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