For a long time, Microsoft upcoming Xbox streaming stick has been making headlines. For years, reports have suggested that the corporation is working on a dongle for streaming games. Microsoft, for its part, has fostered these rumors by implying that a gadget of this like is in the works at the business. The business has now confirmed the arrival of a low-cost Xbox streaming device.

Microsoft has been working on a new Xbox device called ‘Keystone’ that is focused on streaming, as first revealed by Windows Central and subsequently confirmed by Microsoft. This suggests that, in addition to gaming, Microsoft’s next device will allow users to stream other apps, probably over-the-top (OTT) apps.

Microsoft revealed in a statement to the publication that it is working on a low-cost streaming gear codenamed Keystone. He also stated that the device needs to be fine-tuned before the firm makes an official announcement. “We’ve been working on a game-streaming gadget, codename Keystone, that can be linked to any TV or monitor without the need for a console,” a Microsoft spokesperson told the publication.

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“We are always analyzing our efforts, examining our learnings, and ensuring we are adding value to our clients as part of any technical journey.” We’ve made the choice to move away from the current Keystone device generation. We’ll take what we’ve learned and refocus our efforts on a new strategy that will enable Xbox Cloud Gaming to reach more users around the world in the future,” he added.

It’s worth noting that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer first revealed a streaming device in 2020, saying that “someone could want to just hook into their TV and go play via xCloud.” Around the same time, he mentioned that the business was working on an Xbox app for smart TV, which will be available in the “next 12 months,” according to The Verge.

The company then confirmed its Xbox app in 2021. The business announced at the time that the app will use its xCloud streaming technology to provide the Xbox Game Pass service to TVs. The company also stated that it was working with worldwide TV manufacturers to expand the app’s (and platform’s) availability.

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Microsoft has clearly missed its deadline. However, it appears that the Xbox streaming stick and the Xbox app will be released soon. While the exact price of this streaming device is unknown at this time, it is likely to be under $299 (about Rs 23,199), which is the same price as the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s low-cost gaming console. It would therefore compete directly with the Apple TV 4K, which costs $179 in the United States.

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