Microsoft is adamant about not taking a cut of the advertising money. Instead, game developers and marketing agencies will be able to use it.

As a perk of acquiring the Xbox Gaming Pass, Microsoft releases new free-to-play Xbox games every month. While Microsoft has not yet included commercials in its free games, recent evidence shows that the corporation is working on a scheme that would allow sponsors to include advertisements in the games. Continue reading to learn more.

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Microsoft is creating a scheme that would allow businesses to include adverts in free-to-play games, according to a report from Insider via The Verge. Although, because the advertisements would be put inside games, such as on a billboard in a racing video game, they will not distract people while they are playing.

According to the article, Microsoft recognizes that presenting adverts while people are playing a game might be annoying, so it’s working on creating a private marketplace where only specific firms or brands are allowed to participate. Furthermore, Microsoft is adamant about avoiding taking a cut of advertising money. Instead, the cash will be split between the game’s developers and advertising providers.

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According to Insider, advertising might start appearing on free-to-play Xbox titles by the third quarter of this year, according to individuals familiar with the situation. Microsoft appears to want to draw more developers to the platform by allowing them to earn money from advertisements, which will allow them to enhance and produce new video games. It’ll be fascinating to observe how and when Microsoft begins to display advertisements on Xbox.

Microsoft just reduced the cost of Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold memberships. There’s a chance that lower costs and the placement of adverts on free-to-play games are linked, but that’s just speculation. The new Xbox Game Pass rates will undoubtedly entice more users to become paying subscribers.

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