Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has asked its users to refrain from uploading TikTok films to its Reels short video platform.

It intends to focus on original material, providing producers with the tools they need to post straight to Reels and ‘ensure that credit is given to those who deserve it.’

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the site will undergo a number of improvements aimed at making it more creator-friendly.

Allowing users to assign themselves to a category, such as Photographer or Dancer, and have that category appear when they’re tagged in a post is one of them.

Instagram is also striving to make product tagging available to all users, not only influencers and high-profile individuals.

Instagram will now concentrate its algorithm to reward original artists with enhanced tags and ranks for originality, according to Mosseri in a Twitter post.

‘Creators are critical to Instagram’s future, and we want to ensure that they succeed and receive all of the recognition they deserve,’ he added.

In August 2020, Meta developed Reels in reaction to TikTok’s rising domination in the video-sharing business. It’s now compatible with Instagram and Facebook.

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In a video explaining the upgrade, Mosseri remarked, “People expressing themselves is the lifeblood of Instagram, it is what makes Instagram operate.”

One of the major changes will be enhanced person tags, which will allow users to guarantee that their identities are properly credited and shown, according to Mosseri.

The most significant shift, according to Mosseri, is a renewed focus on originality. ‘We are going to try to value original material more, particularly when contrasted to re-posted content, so we will do more there as well,’ he added.

In February 2021, Instagram revealed intentions to de-rank recordings with watermarks from other video sites, such as TikTok.

‘We’re not the only platform to do this, and we’re doing it in an effort to make our suggestions the greatest experience for our community,’ a Meta representative told at the time.

‘Based on input from our users, we’re improving how we promote Reels in areas like the Reels tab.

‘We’ve learned a lot by surveying our community, and by seeing how people interact with recommended Reels.’

Users may be creative with 30-second video clips with subtitles and music using Reels’ short-form video editing capabilities.

‘TikTok is light years ahead of Reels,’ said Evan Asano, CEO of Mediakix, alluding to TikTok’s robust content recommendation algorithm and the fact that the app is significantly more concentrated than Instagram’s.

And those sentiments may have struck a chord with Instagram, which is intent on removing TikTok – at least from its own platform.

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‘We learned from studies that customers have a less gratifying experience when they encounter material that is repeated from other applications or is fuzzy and low resolution,’ said a Meta representative.

As they extended to Facebook and Instagram, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg hailed Reels as “our most growing content type by far.”

Many users consider Reels to be a TikTok clone, and many of the movies submitted have the TikTok logo – sometimes from people sharing another video they discovered, and other times from users publishing first to TikTok and then to Reels.

Instagram aims to push these videos to the bottom of the listings, emphasizing footage that was uploaded first to Reels.

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