Facebook owner company Meta is preparing to launch its Star Trek-style Meta smart glasses in 2024. Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has long spoken of his commitment to creating a virtual world where people can work, Socialize and play sports and their company’s augmented reality glasses are part of their commitment.

A former employee working on the project said Zuckerberg wanted the launch of Glass to be Meta’s, iPhone Moment. These glasses don’t need to be paired with an iPhone or Android phone.

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Meta reportedly wants to launch several AR glasses, the first model of which will be released in 2024. After which a more modern design will be released in 2026. The third version will be released in 2028. Insiders who are not allowed to speak publicly said the project is called Project View.

Meta declined to comment on the report.

A former employee said Zuckerberg’s ego was connected to the springs.

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