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Meta disclosure of misleading information: Meta admits that between October and March, a Facebook bug caused misleading information and other harmful content to appear in users’ news feeds. According to an Internet document, experts from Mark Zuckerberg’s company have been unable to control “repeaters of misleading posts” for almost six months.

According to the document, the Facebook system also failed to curtail Russian state media during the war, which was regularly waged on nudity, violence, and hoaxes. Meta reportedly named the issue a Level 1Sat event. The label is set for high-tech technical crises, such as Russia’s shutdown of Facebook and Instagram.

The revelations came as popular tech website The Verge leaked the meta-document, which was shared with the company last week.

Meta spokesman Joe Osborne said that Meta had identified irregularities in the downgrades on five different occasions, related to an increase in small, temporary internal metrics. He said meta-engineers first identified the problem last October when the news feed was suddenly flooded with misleading information.

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