Mercedes has become the first German company to sell fully automated cars. These cars are capable of taking control even during traffic jams on the motorway.

According to a statement issued by German carmaker Mercedes, customers will be able to book cars with automatic systems from May 17, and delivery of these cars will begin this summer.

The company says buyers of the Mercedes S-Class will have to pay an additional 5,000 euros for the autopilot system, in addition to taxes. The system can also be installed in Mercedes’ electric car model EQS, for which an additional 7400 euros will have to be paid in addition to taxes.

Such an automated system in cars was introduced by the American company Tesla. The Tesla car stays in the same row, keeps a reasonable distance from the next car, and has the ability to change direction or apply the brakes to avoid accidents.

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However, in a Tesla car, the driver has to keep his hands on the steering wheel and be present in the driving seat to deal with an emergency.

Mercedes was the first German company to be allowed to manufacture self-driving cars. In a Mercedes car, the driver can sit in his seat without doing anything, the car will drive and make its own decisions but the driver has to be prepared to deal with any emergency.

German authorities have imposed some restrictions on Mercedes’ new drive pilot system. For example, this system can only be used on motorways. When the driving pilot controls the car, the final legal responsibility rests with the Mercedes. If the system signals, the driver will have to take control of the car within ten seconds.

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