Other than making deals, cryptocurrency trading involves a variety of activities. To trade successfully, you will require a number of digital asset trading tools. In a firefight, don’t expect to win with a knife. Similarly, you cannot enter the cryptocurrency market without essential trading equipment.

If you talk to most skilled traders, you’ll notice that the market contains a variety of items to help you succeed in trading. Furthermore, if you examine the centralized trading marts, you will see that skilled investors employ trading tools on occasion.

These trading tools include comprehensive charting software that provides a detailed picture of the cryptocurrency markets. Furthermore, these instruments assist you in noting the digital asset’s trending course. You may also utilize the trading tools to create and detect buy and sell indications using technical analysis.

Margex is a trustworthy trading platform that provides cutting-edge digital asset trading solutions to help you flourish in the cryptocurrency industry. This freshly built trading platform has a plethora of features that may assist you in increasing your profits and honing your crypto trading abilities.

Margex State Of The Art Digital Asset Trading Tools

The Margex platform was designed with the user experience in mind. As a result, the platform provides the most transparent reporting system. It contains a Trade page where you can conduct all of your trading actions. Using charts, this page makes it simple to examine the market.

Aside from that, the website allows you to input and control orders, and positions, and view a detailed record of your Positions/Orders. Last trades, order book, deal management module, order management module, chart placement module, and order placement module are all included in the Trading terminal.

This trading platform also offers a use-isolated margin, which allows you to easily regulate your risks. When placing a purchase, this margin makes it simple to calculate the liquidation charges and the actual amount at risk. It is important to understand that margin trading permits you to trade considerably higher quantities than your own funds.

Margex chose the isolated-margin system over the cross-margin method because it provides greater dependability and control while trading. Take note that leverage trading comprises both long and short deals, making it simple to profit from dropping and rising markets.

Margex provides leverage levels for the YFI/USD pair, BTC/USD pair, XRP/USD pair, ETH/USD pair, EOS/USD pair, and LTC/USD pair. The least leverage available is 1:5, while the greatest leverage available is 1:100.

Furthermore, Margex makes it simple to obtain detailed market data. It enables live transaction flow with a deep order publication of $40M or more from twelve or more liquidity sources. This feature verifies that a single cryptocurrency trader with a big order cannot affect the prices.

Margex provides unrivaled bitcoin trading conditions for every Market Maker and every trading participant. It also offers discounts of up to 80% on stop-market and market order execution. The trade charge discount value fluctuates, and it is determined by the marker’s trade yield during the previous thirty days.

You will also benefit from a better execution price when using the Margex platform to execute orders. However, keep in mind that you must execute a FIFO transaction involving several Market Makers.

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The MP Shield provided by Margex is critical in safeguarding consumers from price manipulation issues that result in wrongful liquidation on other trading platforms. Please keep in mind that this is a one-of-a-kind feature available only from Margex.

Margex is a dependable trading platform that is devoted to supporting its clients – a trait that sets it apart. It is designed to provide new clients with all of the crypto trading tools they require to thrive in this industry. It includes analysis, tips, and lesson videos to help you improve your crypto trading abilities. Aside from that, the integrated liquidity pool of over twelve exchanges speeds up trade on this platform.

How to buy bitcoin using a credit card On Margex

BTC may be purchased with a bank card utilizing our platform’s Changelly widget or a variety of other third-party services.

Using the Changelly widget, you can buy BTC with your bank card and have it deposited immediately to your own Margex Wallet.

To buy BTC using a bank card through Changelly, go to the “Wallet” page:

– Click Deposit. The Changelly deposit widget will now appear:

– Choose the Amount and Currency that you want to pay with and select your Country

– Click “Exchange

 Double check that your Margex deposit address matches the destination address in the Changelly widget.

– Click “Continue”

– You will now be redirected to the Changelly site, where you can enter your payment details and finalize your purchase

A short video guide on how to purchase BTC through Changelly:

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