has launched an abortion fund bundle. has released a new charity bundle to benefit abortion funds. The bundle is a direct response to the repeal of Roe v Wade, a key piece of US legislation that grants women the right to abortion.

For a minimum donation of $10, the bundle contains over 750 games from over 600 creators. The estimated value is more than $3,000.

“100% of the proceeds from this bundle will go to the National Network for Abortion Fund’s Collective Power Fund, which moves money directly to abortion funds across 20+ US states, with a particular focus on the South and Midwest (where access to abortions is often the most difficult),” the bundle page states.

“This bundle is available for a minimum donation of $10, but we encourage you to give more if you have the means. Everyone is affected by reproductive justice.”

The package is primarily made up of independent games from a diverse set of creators.

Many American game developers, including Sony Studios, Ubisoft, Xbox, Bethesda, and others, have spoken out about the legal change.

A second package, celebrating Pride Month, is now available, comprising hundreds of games by over 400 LGBT+ creators.

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