Pakistani player Irfan Mehsud’s world record number has reached 50. Pakistani player Irfan Mehsud says that Alhamdulillah my 50th Guinness World Record has been approved after which the Golden Jubilee of my Guinness World Records has been completed.

Irfan Mehsud broke his own record of 53 push-ups by doing 59 push-ups with a weight of 100 pounds.

It should be noted that Irfan Mehsud has become the first Pakistani player to set 50 Guinness World Records in the shortest time.

In addition, Irfan Mehsud is the only player in the world who has set 27 Guinness World Records in the most push-ups category.

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Irfan Mehsud is also the world record holder in the highest jumping jacks category and the only Guinness World Record holder with a maximum weight of 100 pounds.

Irfan Mehsud is the Guinness World Record holder of the highest fitness category at the international level while he is the first Pakistani to break the world record of India.

Pakistani players have so far broken the records of 9 countries including India, USA, UK, France, Philippines, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Spain.

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