iOS 16 Is Coming Soon
iOS 16 Is Coming Soon

We have a lot of questions about Apple’s predicted next major software upgrade, iOS 16. iOS 16 Rumors: The Most Popular Rumors We’ve Heard About iOS 16, While no official release date has been set, we may expect an unveiling (and with some answers) at Apple’s WWDC, which is currently set for June 6-10. Will iOS 16 be available on older smartphones, such as the iPhone 7 from 2016? How will it compare to iOS 15 (which introduced a plethora of new capabilities, like the ability to scan text off a piece of paper)?

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Here’s what we’ve learned thus far. Keep in mind that none of the features of the next operating system have been confirmed by Apple. As additional rumors and leaks emerge, we’ll update this post.

When is iOS 16 going to be released?

Apple normally unveils the latest version of iOS during its annual WWDC conference, followed by a public beta. More information is likely to be revealed during WWDC, where Apple debuted iOS 15’s enhancements last year.

Because the new iOS is usually released at the same time as the latest iPhone, we might see iOS 16 in September. Apple, for example, launched iOS 15 a week after the iPhone 13 event on September 20 last year. If Apple has its iPhone 14 event in September, like it normally does, iOS 16 would most certainly be released soon after.

Is iOS 16 going to be compatible with your iPhone?

Even though Apple releases a new iOS every year, the operating systems are backward compatible with most older devices, with iOS 15 running flawlessly on an iPhone 6S from 2015. However, according to the French website iPhoneSoft, an Apple engineer disclosed that iOS 16 will run on iPhones with an A10 chip or above. That includes the iPhone 7 and beyond, but not the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, or SE 2016.

iPadOS 16 “will probably not” be compatible with the iPad Mini 4, iPad 5, iPad Air 2, or 9.7- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to iPhoneSoft.

Big widgets are expected to be one of iOS 16’s new features.

The grid of little app squares that dot the home screen is a defining feature of the iPhone user experience. However, according to Leaks ApplePro, iOS 16 will include “large widgets.” The image posted by Leaks ApplePro appears to show applications in larger squares and rectangles than usual, allowing for additional information like the weather, personalized reminders, and the song now playing. The image has been received with considerable suspicion, with some claiming that the Apple TV remote logo does not match the design of the remote.

In terms of other features, iOS 15 offered FaceTime updates like grid view and call scheduling, and it’s likely that in this era of telework and videoconferencing, Apple will choose to make FaceTime appear even more like Zoom with iOS 16. And, as the metaverse excitement builds and speculations of an Apple VR or AR headset circulate, it’s probable that iOS 16 may have some meta-features, though Apple CEO Tim Cook has resisted using the term.

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