Instead of LGA 2551, the new socket for desktop Arrow Lake and Meteor Lake-S series processors is LGA 1851. The 2551-pin version might be a BGA variation for other series, but it’s unlikely to be utilized for a desktop LGA socket, according to today’s leak. The 2551 pin socket is presently not specified by Intel product planning for desktop series, according to Benchlife, however, it may be utilized by BGA packed devices in the future.

The LGA-1851 is the same size as the LGA1700/1800 for the Alder/Raptor Lake series, measuring 45 x 37.5 mm. As a result, it’s reasonable to expect that cooler compatibility will be kept.

The only measurement that has altered, according to the slide provided by the site, is the height of the IHS (integrated heat spreader). From 6.73-7.4mm to 6.83-7.49. Although this is not a significant modification, it may necessitate the use of new compatibility fasteners or additional care when installing the coolers. The taller box might be due to Intel’s new tiling architecture, which is based on Foveros packaging technology, which is used in the Meteor Lake desktop series. This is not the case with desktop Alder Lake/Raptor Lake CPUs, which are monolithic.

Intel Mainstream CPU Roadmap (RUMORED)

VideoCardzAlder LakeRaptor LakeMeteor LakeArrow LakeLunar Lake
Desktop Launch DateQ4 2021Q4 2022Q4 2023 2H 20242024+
CPU NodeIntel 7Intel 7Intel 4 Intel 20AIntel 18A
Big Core µArchGolden CoveRaptor CoveRedwood CoveLion CoveTBC
Small Core µArch GracemontGracemontCrestmontSkymontTBC
Graphics µArchXe-LPXe-LPXe-HPGXe-HPGXe2-HPG
Max CPU Core Count16 (8C+8c)24 (8C+16c)TBC40 (8C+32c)TBC
Max GPU Core Count96 EU96 EU192 EU320 EUTBC
Desktop SocketLGA1700LGA1700LGA 1851LGA 1851TBC
Memory SupportDDR4/DDR5-4800DDR4/DDR5-5600DDR5TBCTBC
PCIe GenPCIe 5.0PCIe 5.0PCIe 5.0TBCTBC
Intel Core Series12th Gen Core13th Gen CoreTBCTBC16th Gen Core

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