Intel Arc laptop GPUs will be available in laptops in the “coming weeks,” according to the firm, after some misunderstanding over when these graphics solutions will actually appear.

If you recall, Intel promised that the first Arc 3 mobile GPUs will be available in gaming laptops by the end of March (actually, March 30), but they haven’t been seen yet — at least not in most places.

“But when can we really buy them?” a potential Arc laptop buyer questioned after Intel Graphics tweeted about some of the new capabilities these GPUs bring to the table.

The Intel Support account responded with the remark that they’d be “available for purchase before the end of the second quarter of 2022,” but then clarified that this wasn’t the case.

In a second tweet, Intel stated that “Samsung systems with Intel Arc graphics are now available in Korea,” and that the launch of Arc-enabled laptops will expand to other areas in the “coming weeks,” with additional notebook manufacturers supplying these devices.

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Analysis: So, things aren’t looking bright in the near future?

We imagined that when Intel announced that laptops with Arc GPUs will be available right away, at the end of March, when the first Alchemist devices were shown, this meant regions like the United States. However, the GPUs are now only available in Korea, and this is a week and a half after debut, with no indication that they would be available elsewhere.

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If distribution in additional places was likely to begin soon – say, next week – Intel would have offered a more optimistic launch schedule of “coming weeks.”As a result, it may be some time before laptops with Arc 3 GPUs are available in the United States, Europe, and other areas — probably not until the end of Q2, but perhaps not until May.

In short, Intel was technically correct in claiming that Arc notebooks would be available immediately, but there’s a lot of disappointment outside of Korea that the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro – presumably the system Intel is referring to in its tweet – isn’t yet available anywhere else and isn’t likely to be anytime soon.

Let’s hope that the Arc desktop graphics cards don’t follow a similar path with shaky availability after launch, however, the rumor mill suggests that Intel will aim for large numbers of stock straight away. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

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