Instagram is testing Templates, a new tool that will allow Reels makers to utilize the same framework as other videos. The functionality is presently under beta testing and only available to a select set of creators. It’s comparable to TikTok’s Templates, which allow users to upload their own photographs and have them automatically formatted.

“We’re continually coming up with new methods to make Reels easier to make. In an email to TechCrunch, a Meta spokeswoman said, “We’re testing the possibility for you to construct a reel utilizing an existing Template from another reel.”

In January, developer Alessandro Paluzzi noticed this functionality in reverse-engineered versions of the app’s code, and in March, influencer Josephine Hill tweeted about it.

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“One thing I’ve been hoping for, especially with Instagram Reels,” Hill told Business Insider, “was something that resembled TikTok’s audio sync, where the clips line up precisely to the beat of the song.” She went on to say that she used to rely on tutorials for guidance with video editing, especially when it came to aligning films with sound, and that the spaces for bringing in your own clips differed per template.

Other firms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, are attempting to compete with TikTok by developing their own short-form video applications, but it’s difficult to match TikTok’s popularity. Creators frequently prefer to submit TikToks to Reels rather than develop material for Instagram, but this might change that or at the very least level the playing field. Reels has already added features comparable to TikTok’s, such as Remixes, which debuted last year. TikTok updated the tool earlier last year to allow users to remix any publicly uploaded video, not only Reels.

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