From filters to Instagram stories, Instagram has introduced many popular features after being introduced by Snapchat. A recent report suggests that Instagram’s next feature, similar to Snapchat, could be audio notes.

This feature will allow users to reply to stories via voice messages. This feature has been available on Snapchat since 2016.

A liker by the name of Alessandro Plowzi shared a screenshot of Instagram Stories showing what the feature would look like. He wrote that Instagram is working on replying to stories through voice messages.

The screenshot indicates that the application company will add a microphone icon next to the GIF option in the text bar of Story Reply.

Other details about this feature, such as the duration of voice notices, are not immediately clear. This feature of sending voice notices by Snapchat was launched in 2016 as a Chat 2.0 update.

At the time, Snapchat wrote in a blog that they are excited about introducing Chat 2.0.

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