Instagram is a very popular social media platform owned by Meta Company. It should be noted that this company also owns Facebook. For some users in the US, UK, and Canada, this option has been seen to turn on automatically where they can create a 90-second or one and a half minute reel or video and present it to their fans or followers.

Although it has been announced for some time, two social media experts and analysts Carina Menzino and Matt Navara have shared some photos and videos of it, and in addition, many Instagram users are seeing the option on their Instagram.

Earlier, the limit for making a rail or video on Instagram was only 60 seconds, now it has been extended to 90 seconds by adding 30 seconds.

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Some analysts say that this option was launched in the month of February this year and this option started appearing in their app but when asked about this option from Instagram, they said that currently The rest of the world does not intend to expand this option. It is currently undergoing beta testing, in which consumer feedback will play a significant role.

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