Facing a €150 million fine in France, Google has introduced a cookie “reject all” option across Europe.

According to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique and des Libertés, Google and Facebook, now Meta, have made it impossible for clients to refuse internet trackers (CNIL).

Cookies are small pieces of information stored in your browser that websites can use to determine whether or not you’ve visited them before. If exploited, it might be used by businesses to track client preferences for nefarious purposes.

According to the French data protection regulator, if you want to refuse cookies, you must go through a lengthy process that Facebook and Google purposefully made difficultly. When it comes to accepting cookies, a single click on “accept all” is all it takes.

As a result, Google has made the procedure easier by offering three options that allow users to accept or reject all cookies. Users will be able to access more settings via a third “more options” button that can be toggled on and off.

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All three buttons would be “prominent” in size and shape, according to the corporation.

“I’ve been working with a number of these authorities and following the requirements of that new guideline.” According to Google,

Anyone searching on Google while logged out of their accounts or in incognito mode will be able to view the new consent options. Changes have already been made in France, with ambitions to transmit this expertise to other European Economic Area countries such as the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Users in the region will soon be able to accept or reject a new cookie option with a single click.

Google and Meta’s privacy and anti-competitive practices are increasingly being scrutinized around the world, and they have been heavily penalized as a result.

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