Twitter has restated its intention to sue Elon Musk in a new company-wide message, stating that the billionaire would be held “accountable.” The social media platform said that it will sue Elon Musk after the Tesla CEO pulled out of an agreement to buy the firm for more than $40 billion. Musk referred to a “material breach of multiple sections of the agreement,” but did not elaborate.

Musk was examining Twitter for the number of bots and phony accounts, but he never acknowledged whether or not Twitter was able to verify the number of these accounts on the network. With that stated, Twitter intends to sue Elon Musk and force him to keep his half of the bargain.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal addressed staff about the case in a new company-wide message, emphasizing the need of avoiding distracting conjecture and analysis about what is going on. Agrawal further stated that it is confident in its ability to “prove” its case in court and succeed while bringing Elon Musk fully accountable. Twitter is currently requesting an accelerated trial in September but has informed its staff that it cannot foresee the length of the trial.

“We utilized this opportunity to convey our narrative and defend our firm, our staff, and our stockholders,” Agrawal said in a memo excerpt. “We want to make the buyer completely responsible for fulfilling his contractual responsibilities, and we believe we will triumph in court.”

It remains to be seen how things will play out for the time being. There is much conjecture about how Elon Musk will be held accountable. After all, if he doesn’t want to own Twitter but is forced to, it raises the question of what he will do with it. Nothing has been determined as of yet, and it will most likely be some time before we get a formal decision.

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