IMF Statement on the Current Political Situation in Pakistan, The IMF’s position came to the fore on the news of the suspension of Pakistan’s debt program. The IMF says it is committed to renegotiating with the proposed new Pakistani government. A statement issued by the IMF said that the IMF would continue its financial affairs with Pakistan.

According to the statement, reports of suspension of the IMF program with Pakistan are not true, the statement said, “As soon as the new government is formed, we will start working for economic stability, We will continue to support Pakistan”

He said that they would cooperate in accordance with the priorities and reforms of the new government in Pakistan and would formulate programs after talks with the new government. It should be noted that in July 2019, the IMF had approved a loan of $6 billion for Pakistan

The term of the loan was 3 years and as soon as the loan was approved, $1 billion was released to Pakistan, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided in February to issue a $1 billion loan to Pakistan after a sixth review. Pakistan has so far been able to get $3 billion out of $6 billion in debt.

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