Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, stated that the business will have thousands of quantum computers for sale over the next three years.

Krishna told Reuters ahead of the Think conference that the gadgets that would be available in 2025 will have more than 4,000 qubits of computational capacity. To put things into perspective, today’s computers have 127 qubits.

Krishna went on to say that such a gadget would be capable of optimizing truck fleet routing as well as improving financial risk modeling. To address these issues with ordinary computer gear, he claims that a machine “the size of our planet” is required.

Krishna also discussed the company’s Watson AI, which, as it turns out, generated benefits in healthcare and other areas a little later than projected. Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a more challenging challenge than building quantum computers, he adds. “We may have overstated certain aspects,” Krishna said. “This time, we’re trying to tread lightly.”

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IBM presented a research report in late January 2022 explaining how difficult it was to construct quantum computing equipment. The study presents a strategy for expanding the uses of quantum power.

“Quantum computers are potential for simulations of chemical and physical systems,” IBM wrote in the report. “However, the restricted capabilities of today’s quantum processors allow only tiny, and frequently approximate, simulations.”

According to the business, the approach is to merge classical and quantum computing capabilities through a process known as “entanglement forging.” If successful, the technology has the potential to double the size of possible quantum calculations.

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Quantum technology is still in its infancy, but it has enormous promise. In layman’s terms, quantum computing goes beyond binary processing (where everything is either a one or a zero) to allow for states in between the two poles, hence making the final computer more powerful.

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