Hyundai plans to introduce a tiny electric vehicle in India in the near future. So far, the South Korean company has introduced premium vehicles to the market. “This car is an anomaly,” said a Hyundai executive to Reuters.

This could be advantageous for Pakistan as well, as it is a right-hand drive market, and the success of the tiny EV in India suggests that Hyundai will consider introducing it in Pakistan as well.

According to Hyundai India’s Director of Sales, Marketing, and Service, the decision to unveil the new tiny EV car has created quite a stir. Each department is working on a separate problem, such as the charging ecology, manufacturing, sales network, and assembly.

“We have to search for as much localization as possible,” Director Tauron remarked.

This is also true for Pakistan, where a shortage of charging facilities can be a concern, particularly for intercity travel.

The new vehicle’s selling point is its economy and value for money, therefore localization is the most important component in the tiny EV’s market success.

The vehicle’s launch date has yet to be announced by the firm. When asked why Tauron stated that the time has to be just right so that we could bring it at the correct price.

“The ecosystem should be ready, and there should be enough charging stations,” he explained.

He stated that the EV is a modest cog in Hyundai’s larger strategy of Rs. 40 billion ($512 million) investment into the Indian market, which includes the launch of six electric cars in India by 2028, pioneering a clean drive concept in some of the world’s most polluted cities.

EVs now have less than a 1% market share in India. Hyundai’s Vision 2028 aligns with the Indian government’s goal of increasing overall electric vehicle sales to 30% by 2030, with the objective of reducing emissions and imports of petroleum products.

With the introduction of inexpensive electric vehicles in Pakistan, we may expect the market share of EVs to increase over time.

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