Horizon Forbidden West has offered an extremely hard experience to gamers courageous enough to traverse the machine-ridden wilds since its release. For new and regular players alike, the game’s multiple interlocking mechanics and difficulty options make it more than demanding.

Players will be introduced to a range of new features following Sony June 2022 State of Play, which will make Horizon Forbidden West even more difficult.

Ben McCaw, the narrative director at Guerrilla Games, announced the newest update for Horizon Forbidden West after a preview for the PlayStation VR2 title Horizon Call of the Mountain. Improved visual fidelity, a Transmog system, an Ultra-Hard difficulty option, and New Game Plus are among the features included in Patch 1.016.

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This tutorial will explain to players how to start their New Game Plus run, which will allow them to re-explore the Forbidden West with all of the gear and improvements they earned during their previous gameplay.

How to Start New Game Plus

To begin, players need to verify that their game is completely updated prior to launch; to do so, hover over the Horizon Forbidden West icon on the home menu and hit the “Options” option. Select “Check for Update” from the selection box and download any fixes that appear. For this to operate, the console must be linked to the internet.

To access New Game Plus, players must have finished the main story’s last quest, “Singularity.”

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Because this is a level 35 quest, Aloy should be at least level 35 before trying it. When it comes to missions and collectibles, New Game Plus wipes Aloy’s progress, so players should make sure they acquire all of Forbidden West’s greatest weapons and armor sets before moving on to New Game Plus.

A pop-up will show when players load up their finished save after the update, informing them that they may start New Game Plus from the Base. In Horizon Forbidden West, the Base serves as the focal center from which Aloy and her comrades carry out their mission to rebuild the Earth.

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Find and go to the Base in the easternmost mountain range, west of Plainsong and east of Scalding Spear. There, go to the central common space by either the east or west door.

A mound of white and gold Zenith technology retrieved from their base can be found to the left of the kitchen counter, beside the little sitting area. A “+” in a white diamond hovering above the HUD will signify this.

Approach the technology and press the triangle button to start New Game Plus. A pop-up will appear, asking for confirmation; agree by pressing the cross button, and Aloy’s new adventure will begin.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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