For some players, fighting their way around Elden Ring in co-op is the greatest way to play, but as you’d expect from a From Software game, the mechanism is a little more convoluted than you’d want. If you need help getting started with Elden Ring’s multiplayer, we’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial so you can simply ask friends to join you for boss battles, exploration, and everything else the game has to offer.

How To Play Multiplayer In Elden Ring Co-Op

When you first arrive in The Lands Between, you’ll be in solitary mode by default, but you may simply alter this by using an item you’ll receive once you’ve completed the tutorial.

The first thing you should do is go into the game’s system options menu and verify your network settings. You’ll find cross-region gaming, voice, chat, and more features. Set these to your preferences, including turning off co-op altogether by selecting the offline launch setting. But, because you’ve come this far, you’re probably interested in playing in co-op, so here’s what you need to know.

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When you click on multiplayer in the game’s menu—I hate to call it a pause menu because you can’t truly stop Elden Ring—you’ll see three weird items: Finger Severer, Tarnished Furled Finger, and Small Gold Effigy. Each of them has a distinct multiplayer purpose.

To play cooperative multiplayer, the Tarnished Furled Finger leaves a gold calling symbol. Because you may only set one summoning sign at a time, your previous gold summons sign will be deleted when you install a new one. Other players may notice your gold summon sign in their worlds, and if they interact with it, you will be summoned into their game.

A cooperative summon sign is sent to many neighboring summoning pools by a little gold effigy (activated pools only). In essence, this notifies the game that you want to join a multiplayer session, and it’s possible that you’ll be drawn into another player’s world at any time after you activate it.

Finger Severer: This allows you to break up a co-op session with a friend, removing them from your multiplayer game and restoring you both to solo play.

To invite participants into your game, you’ll need a fourth item. The Furcalling Finger Remedy is what it sounds like. When you use one, gold summoning signals will emerge, especially around boss gates and summoning pools. Though it’s a consumable item, you can simply manufacture more with a crafting kid and the Erdleaf Flower—don’t worry if you run out because you can find this flower almost anyplace outside.

If you want to invite a certain person, create a multiplayer password and you’ll only be paired with other people who have the same password. This functions similarly to a game invite, enabling you and other particular individuals to play together but preventing random players from joining or accepting you as a co-op partner.

You may also set up to five group passwords to keep messages, summoning signs, bloodstains, phantoms, and other multiplayer components hidden from anybody who does not know your group passwords. Because many player messages might be misleading or even ludicrous, having a group password can assist guarantee that you only get environmental messages from individuals you trust.

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