The delay of Starfield was some of the greatest news this year, but it was expected. After all, we’d only seen concept art with each teaser thus far. Luckily, we now have our first look at actual gaming.

The game begins on the enigmatic moon of Kreet, with robot companion VASCO making his way out of the spacecraft. Then there are aliens, other space stuff, and some battle. Meanwhile, the booming score is ticking away in the background. At one time, we also visit New Atlantis.

But you’re not here to hear me go on. You’ve come to witness it for yourself. So, without further ado, here is our first look at Starfield gameplay.

You may also design your own outposts and use the complete character creator. You may even design your own spacecraft. You will be able to select your crew members and customize the layout of the ship here. Todd Howard of Bethesda looks ecstatic about it all (understandably).

Exploration will be a major focus in Starfield. You have the ability to land and explore any planet in any system. In the game, there will be over 100 systems and over 1000 planets. Everything sounds very ambitious!

Was this film all you hoped for after such a long wait?

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