Helpful WhatsApp tricks: Almost all apps on your phone require permission to send notifications. But WhatsApp is the service that can receive the most notifications because you are alerted by the app on every message.WhatsApp reports that a message has been sent from an individual or group chat.

By the way, you can also turn off notifications alerts through notifications preferences in the phone’s settings, but this is true for all chats. That’s why the WhatsApp mute feature was recently improved by WhatsApp.

Earlier, WhatsApp used to give 3 options of mute to the users who were disturbed by the constant notification of any group or contact, With the help of which the notification could be muted for 8 hours, one week, or one year.

But now it is possible to permanently mute any chat because the one-year option has been replaced by Allways. If WhatsApp alerts bother you too, you can mute more dynamic chat notifications for specific times.

To do this, open WhatsApp on the Android phone and open the group chat that you want to mute, and click on the group subject. Or open WhatsApp and hold down the group name for a while and then click on the mute icon.

After doing so, the notification can be muted for 8 hours, a week, or by choosing one of the options. Follow the same procedure to open the notification and that’s it.

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