A hacker has stolen USD 625 million, not one or two, from the blockchain network of the famous NFT game. This amount of USD 625 million dollars and it is being called the biggest incident of decentralized hacking and theft of money in history.

The money was kept in the form of cryptocurrency in the blockchain Ronan behind the popular crypto gameAxie Infinity which has now been stolen by a hacker.

Ronin and Axie Infinity’s operator, SkyMave, said in a statement that the incident happened on Tuesday, after which Ronin Bridge was frozen to protect any other cryptocurrencies.

The company said a total of 173,600 Ethereum currencies worth USD 600 million had been stolen, prompting law enforcement agencies to recover and punish the currency. In addition, USD 25 million in cryptocurrencies have been looted.

The hacker has cleverly targeted the tower that exchanges Sky Mews Ronin Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies, notably Ethereum. This is where users deposit cryptocurrencies and US dollars so that they can buy or sell NFTs or games.

This is where people can take their money. According to the company, the hacker used private security and passwords and was aware of the entire system or did a digital robbery after much research. But it is a failure of the system that came to light a week later

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