Mars Rover

Great opportunity for NASA to participate in the Exo Mars mission. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Space Agency suspended work on its next Expo Mars mission with Russia.

The European Space Agency was to provide a rover by the end of this year to be sent to Mars on a Russian rocket. Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russia’s space agency, said it would take Russia a few years, but scientists would copy its landing module, There will be an Angara launch vehicle and the institute will launch the research mission independently from its new launch site Vostokini Cosmodrome.

It should be noted that the Angara rocket has been in the process of completion since the early 1990s and has been suffering from constant delays and lack of funding.

Langara’s recent test failed due to a malfunction in the upper stage of Rocket Percy.

The Vostok Cosmodrome is located in the far east of Russia and is to replace the existing Cosmodrome in Beknor, which Russia has leased from the Kazakh government. This is a great opportunity for NASA to step up and offer its services to complete the Exo Mars mission.

While the European Space Agency may want to use the Ariane 6 rocket

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