Google was fined 150 million euros in France. According to the foreign news agency Reuters, the French antitrust watchdog had filed a case against Google’s founding company Alpha Beat for trespassing and discriminating against advertisers.

A French court has fined Google $150 million in 2019 in connection with the case, accusing Google of running obscure ads. This was the first fine imposed on Google by the French Competition Commission.

The technology giant had filed a petition seeking repeal of the judgment and the fine. A Google spokeswoman said she would not take any action without reading the court’s decision

The court ruled that Google would issue an annual report detailing all websites whose ad accounts had been suspended for violating Google’s policies, The report will also detail the violations committed by the advertisers.

It should be noted that in December last year, a Russian court also imposed a fine of more than 7 billion rubles on Google for continuously violating the content policy formulated by the government. The decision comes after a Moscow court ruled that Google had failed to remove content that had been declared illegal in Russia.

Google has been warned several times to remove such content from its platform, but Google has not complied with these orders. The court imposed a fine of $7.2 billion rubles ($98 million) on the US technology giant, citing Google’s annual revenue, for continuing to ignore government policies.

This is not the first time Russian officials have clashed with Google. In May this year, the Russian media watchdog said in a report that if Google did not remove 26,000 posts from its platform based on drugs, violence, and extremism, Russia Google will be slowed down.

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