Wing, a company owned by Google-owned Alphabet, will launch the first full-fledged drone delivery to homes in Dallas, Texas. Several other companies, including Amazon, Walmart, and Wing, have been testing drone deliveries for almost a decade.

The delay was caused by licensing issues with the Federal Aviation Authority. This means that the drone cannot be flown out of sight without constant human surveillance. The Federal Aviation Authority has signaled a relaxation of these rules in the future, so companies like Wing are launching commercial delivery services.

Walmart recently launched the service in the US state of Arkansas in partnership with drone operator Drone Up, and the company has previously worked with another drone operator, Zipline.

Wing Company CTO Adam Woodworth said that prior to the mass launch, the company had planned to launch the service in certain areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, a few thousand Frisco homes, and a town called Little Elm.

There will be drones at local Walgreens stores, where staff will pack the order and deliver it to local homes within 30 minutes of the order being placed.

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