Google Meet is improving its desktop experience in Chrome with picture-in-picture (PiP) and the option to pin multiple video streams, as revealed in March.
When using the web to make a Google Meet call, selecting the three-dot menu symbol adjacent to the hang-up button exposes a new “Open picture-in-picture” option. This opens a little window in the bottom-right corner of your screen, while the larger one allows you to swiftly “Bring the call back here” while complete controls remain in place.

We hope that these features help presenters and meeting participants stay engaged with their meetings.

The PiP window that appears on top of Chrome and other programs displays up to four Google Meet tiles. Each stream still shows the person’s name and other status symbols, and hovering over allows you to easily mute, deactivate video, stop the connection, or return to fullscreen.

Meanwhile, instead of just one video stream, Google Meet now allows you to pin numerous video feeds:

This gives you more freedom in how you blend people and material, allowing you to alter the perspective to best suit your meeting.

Google Meet PiP and multi-pinning are now available to all users as major usability enhancements:

  • All Google Workspace clients, as well as traditional G Suite Basic and Business subscribers, have access to this feature.
  • Users with personal Google Accounts are eligible.

These enhancements follow other recent updates to the video calling service, such as the automated removal of reverberations and background noise. De-reverberation focuses on “echoes caused by hard-surfaced places, such as a basement or a kitchen.” Furthermore, when removing members from calls, hosts and cohosts now have three options:

  • Simply delete the user from the conversation.
  • Fill out another abuse complaint.
  • Also, prevent the user from rejoining.

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