Google launches ‘inclusive language’ function to cut down on politically incorrect words, Google has created an ‘inclusive language’ feature that aims to eliminate the usage of politically insensitive words.

Users who type ‘landlord’ will be warned that it may not be inclusive to all readers,’ and advised to use ‘property owner’ or ‘proprietor’ instead.

The term ‘humankind’ has been proposed as a replacement for the problematic phrase mankind,’ according to the web giant.

According to the new Google Document style program, gender-specific terminology like “policemen” and “housewife” should be replaced with “police officers” and “stay-at-home spouse.” It is currently being rolled out to enterprise-level users, according to the company.

Many computer document systems provide spell-checking and grammar-correction features.

However, opponents believe that encouraging users to employ woke language is going too far. Major faults in the system have also been discovered during tests.

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There were no warnings issued after a transcribed conversation with ex-KKK leader David Duke, in which he uses ugly racial slurs and discusses hunting black people.

However, it was recommended that instead of ‘for all mankind,’ President John F Kennedy’s inaugural address should say ‘for all humankind.’

‘Google’s new word warnings aren’t helpful; they’re highly intrusive,’ said Silkie Carlo of campaign group Big Brother Watch to the Sunday Telegraph.

‘This speech-policing is sloppy, invasive, and incorrect, frequently reinforcing bias.’

‘It feels rather hectoring and adds an unwanted political/cultural slant to what I’d like be a neutral product [as] a consumer,’ Sam Bowman of online journal Works in Progress remarked.

‘Our technology is continually evolving, and we don’t yet [have] a solution for identifying and neutralising all harmful word associations and biases,’ a Google spokesman said.

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